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Sep 14, 2022

Curious about careers in aviation beyond being a pilot? You've found the right podcast episode. In this episode of the Leadership in Aviation Podcast, you'll learn more about careers like engineering, planning, ATC, airport management, airport operations, and dispatch.

You will hear from Women in Aviation Advisory Board Alumnae Member, Kelly Jost, Managing Engineer at C&S Companies, alongside Megan Atkins Thoben, Director of Operations and Business Development at Louisville Regional Airport Authority, Cheryl Bush, Manager of Aviation and Transportation at Oakland County, Michigan Government, Jamaal Haltom, Air Traffic Controller at National Air Traffic Controllers Association, Stephanie Ward, Senior Aviation Planner at Mead & Hunt and WMU College of Aviation Instructor, and Catherine Jackson, Dispatcher at Southwest Airlines.

With guests from a variety of different backgrounds and career paths, you'll be sure to learn something new about the field of aviation and may even find a passion for something new in the process.