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Apr 22, 2020

Leading from difficult places requires a more focused skill set than leading in calm waters. This is especially true if the odds were already stacked against you because of your age, experience level or the industry in which you work. Aviation company CEO, business coach, author and podcast host René Banglesdorf speaks from a place of vulnerability and hard-earned success in this motivational heart-to-heart.

Hear more in this podcast about how you can get ahead, even in times of crisis, by using these six self-management tools.

  1. Common sense – don’t believe everything you hear. Do the math. Ask for sources. Look for motives.
  2. Routines – when the world is upside down, find and stick to routines that are healthy and create normalcy in your life or work. This helps with both physical and mental health.
  3. Goal setting – knowing how to think them through is just as important as what they are.
  4. Hard work – a novel concept, right?
  5. Innovation – think outside of the box about not what has been lost, but about what this change or crisis makes possible for you
  6. Focus on others – this is the perfect antidote for handling the inevitable grief that comes with crisis or trauma.