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Sep 7, 2022

In this episode of the Leadership in Aviation Podcast, René Banglesdorf, Founder and CEO of The Aviation Collective, sits down with Ryan Goertzen, Vice President Maintenance Workforce Development, AAR (NYSE: AIR), a leading aviation services provider to commercial airlines and governments worldwide. They discuss why it's critical to go beyond just looking for and getting a job in aviation, and how you can establish a life-long career for yourself and your goals.

Ryan oversees AAR’s various workforce based initiatives and was responsible for the development the EAGLE Career Pathway Program. Mr. Goertzen is also the President of Choose Aerospace, whose purpose is to unite the aerospace industry to implement solutions to the workforce shortage.

Mr. Goertzen started with Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in 2011, holding the positions of vice president of education, president of Spartan's Tulsa campuses and corporate officer. Goertzen previously spent three years at AAR Corp managing the training and ASAP programs in Oklahoma City. He began his career as a pilot instructor for Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation where he was responsible for Air Wisconsin's first learning management system and e-learning content used in recurrent pilot training. In 2005 Mr. Goertzen transitioned to the maintenance side of the airline as Air Wisconsin’s Manager of Maintenance Training and ASAP Manager.

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